At Wokingham Baptist Church we try hard to ensure everyone receives a warm welcome and that they can feel that they belong in a meaningful way. People can belong in various different ways, e.g. by coming regularly to Sunday worship, by being a member of a small group, as well as being on the more formal membership list where they can contribute to the running of the church.
Small groups are available for youth and adults, and most take up the opportunity to be a part of a group within the church.
As a Baptist church we believe that all people who belong and are committed to the church can take part in the running of the church, helping make strategic decisions as we journey together with God in our community. This is expressed through church membership.
Many who find faith while they are with us take seriously the call in the Bible to be baptised. Baptism services are times of great celebration in the church, and form a tangible demonstration that our Christian faith really does change lives.


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