Wokingham Baptist Church is a gathered community of Christians who are financially independent but at the same time associate with other Baptist Churches mainly through the Baptist Union of Great Britain and the Baptist World Mission. As well as supporting these national organisations, we also support Baptist training colleges.
During the year there will are invitations to support other good causes. This is particularly so at Harvest and Christmas.
Wokingham Baptist Church receives no grants nor has investment funds. It is entirely dependant for its cash flow on the giving of its members.
Thus a vital part of membership is sharing in the financing of the ongoing work of the Church. Giving an appropriate proportion of one's income for
God's work is a foundational commitment of all Christians, and many choose to regularly give a percentage of their own income. Whatever the level
we decide is right for us, giving regularly is best. Either weekly through the offering, or by monthly standing order to the church's bank account.
Gift Aid is a simple way in which your giving can be increased. If you pay UK income tax, then you can sign a simple form to allow the church to reclaim
the tax from the government, allowing the church to receive extra on your behalf.
To ask for details of how to make arrangements to give regularly, or to sign a gift aid form, please ask the office for contact details for our treasurer.
Remember that giving your time by volunteering can also be just as valuable as pure financial gifts! 


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