Girls Brigade

Wokingham Baptist Church hosts the 1st Wokingham Girls' Brigade Company which meets on Monday evenings during school terms.
Meeting times are:
·     The Explorer section (5-8 years) 17:30-18:45
·     The Junior section (8-11) 18:45-20:00
·     The Senior (11-14) and Brigader (14-18) sections 18:45-20:00
If you would like more information about the Company please ring the Church Office (0118) 978 7174 or email the Company Captain at

The 1st Wokingham company is part of the South East Berkshire District which also includes companies from the Bracknell and Woodley areas.
Fuller details of the UK Girl’s Brigade can be obtained from the National web site.
Many of the girls’ activities are focused on work leading to achievement badges under a number of different topics.
For example, during a recent Term the girls worked towards the following badges:-
Explorers:- The Explorers looked at ‘Other Countries’ which included looking at different types of houses we live in from castles to slums. Fancy tasting Mexican, Chinese or Indian food? Do we all wear the same clothes or speak the same language and how can we help those who are less fortunate than ourselves?
These topics were explored through games, Bible stories and craft work.
Juniors:- Juniors focused on Moses and looked at his story and through the receiving of the 10 commandments how Motivation can help them achieve their goals. Aproaching Easter they looked at Forgiveness and how through Jesus we can learn to forgive and that love and forgiveness is at the heart of the Easter story
During the evening they partake in games, Bible stories, DVD’s & crafts relevant to their theme.
Seniors & Brigaders:- The older girls began by looking at Survival skills in different situations. They designed shelters (cardboard boxes galore) and then spent the night in them (not outside for Health and Safety reasons).
Later they too looked at Forgiveness and studied famous people who have forgiven others who have hurt them or their families. Finally they looked at Jesus and the story of Easter.
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