Finding Faith

We all probably touch on these questions at some point in our lives. Maybe you want to ask these questions and more - maybe you are wondering if God really is out there? What can you do?

There are a number of things you could try ... :
Simply call out in your mind (or even out loud!) 'If you are there God, please reveal yourself to me ...'. God is only to pleased when we reach out to Him, because He has been waiting for you all along. Then leave plenty of space and time for God to answer - He will find a way to get through to you, though it may not be exactly in the way you expect.

Talk to a Christian Friend
Chat through your questions and reservations with a Christian friend whom you can trust. They will most likely be only to happy to spend time working through the issues, and can give helpful advice, recommend literature, and will be pleased to pray with your and/or for you.

Read a Book
There are many great books that explain the Christian faith, answer questions, and in which Christians from all ages and backgrounds tell their story. Here are a few current favourites:

  • Do Nothing to Change Your Life, by Bishop Stephen Cottrell. A fun, quick and easy read where the Bishop of Reading recommends slowing down and taking time to think - making space for you to explore the big questions of life.
  • The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel. An American legal journalist uses his skills of analysis to carefully survey the evidence behind the Bible, Jesus Christ as a historical figure, his life and resurrection.
  • Searching Issues, by Nicky Gumbel. Nicky helped develop the Alpha course and summarises the of the key issues that people raise and suggests answers in this easy to read paperback.
Try an Alpha or Journeys Course
Many people find that the best way to explore these issues is by joining one of our courses. At different times during the year we run two types of courses:
  • Journeys : A five week course, starting from the most basic of questions 'Is there a Spiritual side to me?', using videos of real people's stories and discussion.
  • Alpha : A longer course (ten weeks), looking at the basics of the Christian faith, using video talks and discussions.

Both courses are run with an informal, relaxed style. Ask any question you like - the sessions are there to help you explore the issues you have in mind.

Try a Church Service
You don't have to be a strong believer or having everything sussed to join in our worship. In fact many people who still have loads of questions come to our services and, in their own words, feel something of God's presence while they are with us. We would recommend our Sunday morning service, starting at 10.30am.

Want to chat, find out more, or get details of the Journeys or Alpha courses? Please feel free to contact Church Office.


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