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New series: Psalms for the Seasons of Life

Our series of services for the Autumn term focuses on the Psalms.​

The book of Psalms in the Old Testament is the songbook of the Bible, and the writers wrote songs that express the full range of human emotions towards God: from joy and praise to prayers for help and rescue; expressions of faith amid fear, as well as anguish and lament amid doubt and pain. ​

Our series, which we’re calling ‘Psalms for the Seasons of Life’, will explore eight psalms whose poetry is vivid and honest, which makes them a wonderful resource for us today, as the different seasons of life that we experience evoke in us the same range of emotions. As we read and sing the psalms today, we are encouraged to express our own emotions with the same honesty before the God who knows and loves us completely. ​ 

October 3rd Psalm 96 Declaring Praise
October 10th Psalm 145 Celebrating Harvest
October 17th Psalm 77 Experiencing Distress
October 27th Psalm 25 Seeking Guidance
October 31st Psalm 42 & 43 Feeling Down
November 7th Psalm 8 Expressing Wonder
November 14th Psalm 27 Feeling Afraid
November 21st Psalm 91 Seeking Protection