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Soulscape is a charity working in partnership with Wokingham and Bracknell schools to give young people the space they need.

Being a teenager has always been tough. But today’s young people face 24/7 pressure from all sides.

With pressure to keep up appearances online, always be available, improve (and share) their bodies, get the best grades, think and say the ‘right’ thing, and support their families too, our teenagers live with a huge amount of stress. With mental health conditions among young people rising, we don't want to stand by and do nothing.

Soulscape makes space in our local schools for teenagers to stop, reflect, discuss, and express their own opinions on the burning issues facing them today - whether that's mental health, the effects of pornography, peer pressure, faith, or how to make good decisions under pressure.

Supporting Soulscape's work - financially and with volunteers - is a way that Wokingham Baptist Church helps to care for the many young people in our community who don't have access to the reflective space and 'bigger picture' perspective that church can provide.