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Tek Ura's London to Tirana Challenge

19 February 2021 12:32

Our BMS Mission Partners in Albania, Dan and Annie Dupree, work in an area near to Tirana where there is a lot of poverty and also a number of marginalised groups. They started "Tek Ura" (The Bridge) to provide aid, education and health care and also to build bridges between the various marginalised communities. God has really blessed this initiative and it has been very successful but in January, BMS announced that they were intending to reduce funding to Tek Ura, ending it altogether in 2023. The aim is to make Tek Ura self-funding and self-sustaining.

Annie and Dan have risen to the challenge and as part of their fundraising they have created a virtual walk from London to Tirana, with each person walking or running just 3K and paying a £10 registration fee. It looks like a fun and easy thing to do and it would be great if we could support them in this as one of their supporter churches. You can do your 3K any time over 1st to 7th March and even though we will still be in lockdown, you could take the opportunity to do your "exercise with one other person". Or maybe, if you can't walk far, you could split your 3k over more than one day?

When you complete your kilometres, post a selfie holding a piece of paper with the number of kms run and ‘#I_am_TekUra'. There will be bonus prizes for the best photos or videos tagging us @tek_ura  (Instagram) and @tiranatekura (Facebook/ Twitter) to increase awareness and nominate your friends. And prizes for the most kms run. Those who raise more than £150 will receive a special T-shirt!

Watch the video:

and click the link below for more information and to sign up:

Let's pray for fine weather!