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Welcome Course update 歡迎課程更新

16 February 2023 18:13

Our first Welcome Course for has now finished but we had some lovely feedback from the participants (see below) and hope to run it again after Easter.  In the meantime, opportunities for Hong Kongers to meet up continue! Our aims are to:

  • Meet up for mutual support
  • Practise English conversation – improve language skills  
  • Discuss problems and issues – navigating life in the UK
  • Reflect on a some wisdom for life from the bible (but no faith requirement)


  • 相約互助
  • 練習英語會話 — 提高語言能力
  • 討論出現的問題 — 英國的生活導航
  • 反思聖經中一些人生智慧(但沒有信仰要求)

At each session there will also be help with preparing for the Life in the UK Test, using a fun quiz!

在每個課程中,還將使用有趣的測驗幫助準備英國生活測試 (Life in the UK Test)!

There will be free refreshments and lots of time to just chat in both English and Cantonese.


For more information please contact the Church Office.


Feedback on the First Welcome Course

"I am not a Catholic or Christian. I had signed up for the Welcome Course in the hope of knowing more about settling in the UK. To my surprise,  I have gained more than that. I have made friends that share the same ups and downs as newcomers. I got to understand more about my feelings and how it relates to the stages of settlement. And I also have found a space during these gatherings to reflect upon myself to help me find my way here. I am amazed by the generosity of the local participants on how much they have worked to make us feel home here. I am very thankful the Wokingham Baptist Church for organizing this. They are the very first people I have met who really show they care." – FC

“我不是天主教徒或基督教徒。我報名參加了歡迎課程,希望能更多地了解在英國定居的知識。令我驚訝的是,我的收穫遠不止於此。我結交了新的朋友並一起分享移民的起伏。我開始更多地了解自己的感受以及其定居階段的關係。在這些聚會中,我也找到了一個空間來反思自己,以幫助我在這裡找到自己的路。我對本地參與者的慷慨付出感到恩惠,好讓我們在這裡有家的感覺。我非常感謝Wokingham Baptist Church組織了這次活動。他們是我遇到的第一羣真正關心我們的人。” – FC

"The Welcome Course is not only a course, it’s a hub for Hongkongers to meet new friends, including other Hongkongers and local people.  The course provided knowledge upon UK, but member didn’t only learn from data and information, but also by acknowledge this new home through experiencing UK culture by various interesting means, like tasting a piece of typical local biscuit. The Welcome Course is not only a welcome program, it’s a platform for the newcomer from HK to integrate into our new home. The course does not end after 6 weeks, but it also has follow up gathering to continue this platform."  – KK

“迎新課程不僅僅是一門課程,它是香港人結識新朋友的樞紐,包括香港人和本地人。該課程提供了有關英國的知識,但不僅從資料和信息中學習,而且我們能通過各種有趣的方式體驗英國這個新的家的文化,比如品嚐一塊地道的英式餅乾。歡迎課程不僅是一個歡迎節目,它是一個平台讓來自香港的新人融入新的家。6週的課程即使完結但相聚並没有結束,這個平台讓我們繼續相聚。” – KK